Lifelong Learning for Seniors in San Mateo

A senior woman taking a lifelong learning class

Throughout a large portion of your life, learning was probably more of a necessity than a pleasure. It was a childhood rite of passage, a requirement for your chosen career path — a means to an end when you found yourself living alone for the first time with no idea how to prepare a proper meal.

However, in retirement, learning takes on a new dimension. It’s likely the first time in your life you have enough free time and freedom from other responsibilities to learn purely for the sake of enjoyment. Lifelong learning brings numerous rewards — and even some wellness benefits — to older adults who wish to explore the many educational opportunities tailored for seniors.


Benefits of Lifelong Learning

One of the great advantages of lifelong learning for seniors is its role in building your cognitive reserve, which is what your brain uses to ward off potential damage, whether from aging, trauma or another source. Some researchers believe having a greater cognitive reserve can even help you delay the onset or progression of dementia symptoms.


Beyond the cognitive benefits, lifelong learning also offers other life-enhancing opportunities for seniors. Learning more about something that has always interested you can offer personal fulfillment while acquiring new skills and knowledge brings a healthy sense of pride and accomplishment. In addition, surrounding yourself with others who share your interests is a great basis for forming friendships and expanding your social ties.


Lifelong Learning in San Mateo

San Mateo itself offers a dazzling array of learning options, plus it’s an easy drive or train ride to nearby San Francisco or San Jose and all the vibrant culture those cities embody. Here are some of our top picks:


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: Designed specifically for older learners, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at San Francisco State University provides courses, lectures, and interest groups spanning a wide range of topics, all designed uniquely for learners ages 50 and up. You won’t have to worry about exams, but you can count on plenty of learning from current and retired professors, as well as topical experts.  


Older Adults Department: You’ll find a wide range of free, non-credit courses through the Older Adults Department at City College of San Francisco. Courses are geared toward students ages 55 and older in subjects like computers, language arts, and other topics designed to help senior students gain knowledge, learn skills and stay healthy. You can join a class at any time during the semester.


San Mateo Museums: You’ll discover an impressive array of museums scattered throughout the San Mateo area. The rotating exhibits at the San Mateo County History Museum ensure you’ll find something new to discover each time you visit, and if you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy exploring other local historical sites like the Sanchez Adobe or Woodside Store. For art lovers, the Asian Art Museum offers engaging experiences with temporary exhibits, as well as private collections and works from other museums.


San Mateo County Libraries: The local library system provides avid readers and learners a nearly endless list of continuing education options for older adults. If you’re a San Mateo library cardholder, you can get free Discover & Go passes to local museums and cultural attractions. In addition to virtual and in-person book groups, the library also hosts intriguing events, including these upcoming options:


Living and Learning Among Friends

At The Peninsula Regent, Members of this 60-and-over condominium community embrace living, learning, and experiencing all the best life has to offer. Scheduled outings to museums, art excursions with neighbors-turned-friends, and hosted lectures are just some of the ways Members enjoy the benefits of lifelong learning at The Regent.

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